About Us

Durabilt by Durbin is the successor of Durbin Durco, and therefore has manufacturing experience going back to 1938.

To assure competitive pricing and availability we source completed products globally and guarantee that those components of qualified products are manufactured to Durabilt’s strict engineering specifications. All Durabilt products may be stamped, welded, steel cast, or hot forged and come with our logo clearly visible to guarantee quality. We do not sell generically produced products.

Durabilt continues to manufacture cargo control, load securement, and material handling products to the highest standards available in the market. As always Count on Durabilt to provide an extensive line of high-end ratchet binders, tie-downs, welded chain, chain hoists, and turnbuckle ratchets. Superior Quality that comes from more than 100 years of experience serving more than 10 industries world-wide.

If you have customers that lift, pull, position, tow, drag, tie-down, or lash their products – Remember, Durabilt can help.

Company History

The name Durbin has been associated with the supply of high-quality load securement and material handling products for over 100 years. The first of these products were pulling tools produced by V.S. Durbin Sr. at his Evansville Malleable & Casting Company in Evansville, Indiana.

By 1913, V.S. Durbin Sr. patented the “steam coupler” which was modified and used during WWI. A newer version was patented in 1916 which provided great advancements in the way the locking mechanism could be actuated as well as stronger support for the coupling mechanisms.

V.S. Durbin Sr. patented Automatic Train Pipe Coupling July 4th 1916. VSD Sr. had four other patents in his lifetime. In 1938, “V.S. “ Took” Durbin Jr. established Durbin & Company whose initial products were cast boiler heating equipment and malleable cast products encompassing load binders which were sold primarily to farm and hardware jobbers, industrial distributors, and the US Army during WWII.

The Dawn of Durabilt

In 1994, Thomas J. Durbin, 7th son of V.S. “Took” Durbin Jr., started Durabilt in St. Louis, MO. Durabilt’s first product was a load binder and first customer was one of the original customers of Durbin & Company dating back to 1940.

The first two years of the company would be the groundwork that helped shape Durabilt into what it is today. National representatives were hired and Trade Shows helped Durabilt forge relationships that grew its business. In 1995, Durabilt was moved to Chicago which served to be very advantageous for labor, shipping, and service.

Photo on right is of V.S. “Took” Durbin & son “T.J.” Durbin 
holding a sign meaning that at the age of 16 “TJ” would be eligible to work in his father’s factory.