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(DR) Pro-Bind Series – Heavier Duty Ratchet Binder – 1″ Screw Diameter DR-1-7300

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Barrel Length (IN)

Handle Length (IN)

Screw Diameter (IN)

Eye Hole Diam./Throat Opening (IN)

Work Load Limit (Lb.)

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End Fittings

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DR-1-7300 is the pro’s workhorse and is great for heavier duty, semi-truck trailer use and tie downs. The DR-1-7300 boasts an extra 200 LBS. rating on the W.L.L. (W.L.L. 7,300 LBS. as opposed to the usual 7,100 LBS.) than is required for 3/8″ G80 chain needs, providing increased safety assurance. This durable and corrosion-resistant ratchet load binder has a powder coated body and zinc plated end fittings. Do Not use for overhead lifting. The overall capacity depends on the working load limit (W.L.L.) of the chain(s) used and the capacity of the load binder. The maximum W.L.L. rating (overall capacity) of the system (i.e. the chains and load binder being used together) is no greater than the component in the system that has the lowest W.L.L. See additional product features below:

• Forged

• Easy to use and safe alternative to lever binders

• 7,300 LBS. work load limit for safety and assurance

• Heavier duty 1″ diameter screw.

• Good for up to 3/8″ G80 chain or up to G120 5/16″ chain (No Overhead Lifting)

• Recommended for Grade 70 transport chains or G80 alloy tie-down assemblies

• Uni-steel high carbon handle

• Swaged barrel of drawn tubing

• Continuous take-up and extension via the adjustable pawl ensures finite adjustment

• Powder coated body finish with zinc plated end fittings

• Meets or exceeds DOT, FMCSA 40, CHP, CVSA and WSTDA standards and requirements

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