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(LASH) Contoured Eye Lashing Series, G100+ LASH-2-E-E

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Eye Hole Diam./Throat Opening (IN)

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(LASH) Contoured Eye Lashing Series, is a heavy duty binder connectable to a variety of G100 & G120 End Fittings as the Contoured Eyes allow for a wide range of versatility.

• Meets DOT Requirements

• Designed for Super Loads

• Designed for Lashing

• Usable w/ a Variety of Connection Types

• Pawl Power-Drive is Spring Loaded

Note: The W.L.L. of the binder is 28,000 LBS. However, if lower W.L.L. End Fittings are installed on the product, than the W.L.L. of the entire binder will drop to the W.L.L. of the attached End Fittings.  i.e. If assembled with 5/8″ G100 fittings, then the W.L.L. of the binder becomes 22,600 LBS. Do Not Use For Lifting.

WARNING! Only connect End Fittings directly to immovable & permanent Anchor / Lashing Points.


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